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High Performance

Low memory footprint, CPU-efficient, with compact encoding sizes.

Comprehensive Integration

Incorporates multiple CRDT algorithms, designed for extensibility.

Time Travel

An antidote to regret, enabling historical edits traversal.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enables easy real-time or asynchronous collaboration, integrated with robust version control.

Rich CRDTs Algorithm Support

Basic Data Structures

Includes support for List for ordered collections, LWW (Last Write Win) Map for key-value pairs, Tree for hierarchical data, and Text for rich text manipulation, enabling various of applications.

Text/List Editing with Fugue

Loro integrates Fugue, a novel CRDT algorithm designed to minimize the interleaving anomalies when merging concurrent text/list edits.

Rich Text with Peritext-like CRDT

Drawing inspiration from Peritext, Loro manages rich text CRDTs that excel at merging concurrent rich text style edits, maintaining the original intent of each user's input as much as possible. Please read our blog, Loro's Rich Text CRDT, to learn more.

Rich Text Editor Demo